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An evolving company, always pursuing growth, development, know-how.

Casalnuovo branch

Casalnuovo branch

Marcianise branch

Marcianise branch

INDUSTRY Automation Manufacturing Services s.r.l. designs and develops industrial automation solutions, road safety systems, automotive industry systems.

The company was founded in 1969 by Pasquale Impero and it was named Officine Meccaniche Impero. In 2000 it became INDUSTRY A.M.S., keeping its tendency to evolution and adhering to 3 essential guidelines:

  • feasibility and fulfilment of new technologies;
  • flexible approach to customers’ needs, reducing production costs;
  • problem solving based on positive thinking and the pursuit of successful results.

Today, INDUSTRY A.M.S. plants stand on a total area of 23,000 m². The Automation Division is 12,000 m² large and lies in Casalnuovo, the Automotive and Road Safety Oriented Products plant is in Marcianise.

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